We do solemnly promise that we will be faithful in the study of God’s Word and prayer, that we will attend all our Church meetings when possible to do so, that we will labor unitedly and zealously for the Master’s cause, seeking at all times His glory and the advancement of His Kingdom; and that we will strive daily to crucify the flesh and live such lives that we may be a light unto the world and show forth the praises of Him who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.

  We promise that we will ever labor for the peace and fellowship so necessary for the best interest of the Church, making whatever personal sacrifices may be necessary; that we will lovingly watch over each other for good, and whenever any shall go astray either in faith or practice, we will kindly, lovingly, and faithfully seek to save such one from the error of his way, that he may enjoy richly the blessings of God’s House and the sweet joys of salvation, and that none of God’s children be lost to our Church.

  We promise to contribute freely of our carnal things for the support of the Church, and that each will give as the Lord has prospered him that our ministry may give themselves wholly to the work whereunto God has called them.

  And for Grace to enable us to so live and labor, we do most earnestly pray.