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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Davis family 3September 19, 2017Details
Our Friend11September 3, 2017Details
Hurricane/Storm Victims10September 1, 2017Details
Government Leaders8August 30, 2017Details
Our Military8August 30, 2017Details

Davis family

Carol Roberts
Iris Turners father, Ira Davis, passed away September 18, 2017, after an extended sickness. Arrangements have not been made as of yet. Pleased remember this family in prayer. Bro. Ira Davis was a love in My dear friend, Iris Davis Turner's father, Ira Davis, passed away September 18, 2017, after an extended illness. Please pray for this family that God will give them comfort, peace, strength for the day's ahead.

Our Friend

Amanda Short
Please keep my Mom's neighbor Sherry in your prayers. She has stage 4 cancer and she is in terrible pain. The chemo is making her miserable. She is always taking care of others and she really needs prayers for healing. Thank you.

Hurricane/Storm Victims

Keith Coleman
That all those affected by the storm, that have been displaced from their homes, that have lost all they have, would look to the Lord for comfort and peace and know that He is in control.

Government Leaders

From our local leaders to our national leaders; the God will be their guide and source of strength. That they might search out God's wisdom in all things.

Our Military

anon anon
That the Lord will guide and protect our military where ever they might be serving. And that He will see them safely home.
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