Eph 4:4-6  “There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.”

As I considered these verses there was a word that came to mind; singularity. Singularity is defined as the state, fact, quality, or condition of being singular. This singularity goes hand-in-hand with the unity that Paul spoke of in the third verse of this chapter. To consider that we are in a singular state with each other and with God is marvelous indeed!

In verses four through six, the Greek word rendered as one, preceding body, Spirit, Lord, baptism, and God and Father, comes from the same root meaning “a primary numeral – one.” The Greek word rendered as one, preceding hope and faith, means “one or first.” This word “one,” preceding hope and faith, denotes place or position rather than numerical value. Since the church has only one head, there can be only one body. God (Father, Lord, and Spirit) is only one. There is only one that baptizes with the Holy Ghost; Jesus Christ (Mat 3:11, Mar 1:8, Luk 3:16, Joh 1:33). Our hope and faith should not be in the church, in the preacher, in doctrine or practice. Our hope and faith should abide in our first love (Rev 2:4). It stands to reason that if we have left our first love, our hope and faith do not occupy the position in our life that they should.

Although we are many members and scattered all over the world, we are one body. Just as the church has only one head, Jesus Christ (Eph 1:22), our Head has only one body (Rom 12:4-5). The Greek root of the word body carries the meaning of a “sound whole.” The term “sound” here denotes something without decay, bruise, or defect. It is assurance that, in spite of what we are by nature, we are perfected in Jesus. We are joined together according to His grace and mercy, and every member is important to the sound functioning of the body (1Co 12:12-18). God has placed every member of the body as it has pleased Him. There are no unimportant members in the body; all are needed to make a sound whole.

There is one Spirit that brings unity (Eph 4:3). There is one Spirit that calls to our remembrance what Christ has said (Joh 14:26). By one Spirit are we quickened and made alive in Christ (Rom 8:13). There is one Spirit that showers Pentecost upon us and brings revival to God’s people (Act 2:4). In the baptism of this Holy Spirit by Jesus Christ, we are added to the body of Christ. We are one body, blessed with the unity of the Spirit, according to our primary (first) expectation (hope) in the bidding of the Spirit to follow our one Lord.

Our Lord is one, and our reliance upon Christ for salvation (see Strong’s definition for “hope”) holds the first place in our confidence when He is our first love. Our sure confidence that He is our only source of salvation is the result of being overwhelmed (one baptism) by our one Lord through the one Spirit that teaches us all things (Joh 14:26). It is by the teaching of the Holy Spirit that we know there is one God.

Our one God, though Triune (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost), is Father of all those Jesus came and died for. He is a loving Father who gives the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him (Luk 11:13). Our God is above all; in time, place, and order, He is above all. Our God is through all. He is the only channel by which we know Him, seek His ways, do His will, and call Him Father. Our God is in (fixed position in place, time, and state) us all. He is fixed (steadfast, immovable) regardless of our location, age, or condition; everywhere present and nowhere absent (Psa 139:7-10).

May we be blessed with joy in the great singularity of salvation by the grace of God through our Lord, Jesus Christ, as taught us by the Holy Comforter that places us in God’s family and makes us one!



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